Great White Shark Tours

Spot both juvenile and adults up to 20 feet long!

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Adults (Ages 13+)

Monterey Bay Canyon is a playground for ocean creatures! Come observe blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales, killer whales (orcas), dolphins, sea otters, mola molas, seals, sea lions, jellyfish, pelicans, sooty sheerwaters, sea turtles, and much more in their natural environment aboard Sea Goddess. Our on-board Marine Biologists will share their passion to educate and amaze you with facts about these magnificent animals.

As the marine ecosystem in Monterey Bay has improved, there has been a population EXPLOSION of Great White sharks. This 3-4 hour tour is your opportunity to see some of the most exciting wildlife in the bay from the comfort and safety of the boat – up close and personal! Our vessel provides easier spotting from an elevated viewpoint rather than a boat closer to the water. Naturalists will educate you on these fascinating predators as we head towards the wreck of the S.S. Palo Alto, also known as the cement ship, located near Aptos in Santa Cruz County. This sunken ship provides sharks plenty of food since it has become an artificial reef full of easy prey. The home of one of California’s newest and most active populations of great white sharks, this rookery is a breeding ground where you may spot both juveniles and adults up to 20 feet long!
Along the way, you may still get to see the many humpback whales and dolphins in our path.

What You’ll See: Very large great white sharks – if you’re lucky.

Tip: The best way to spot a shark is to wear polarized sunglasses and scan the horizon looking for dark
shadows and dorsal tips protruding from the water. Shadows may look like kelp that is moving and not
staying in one spot.

This is one of our most popular tours and trips sell out fast!
Note – White shark sightings are not guaranteed

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