Sea Goddess Vessel

cropped-WebHeader2 Watch this short video to find out why Sea Goddess Whale Watching is Rated the #1 whale watching tour in Monterey Bay! Go whale watching in style and comfort on the Sea Goddess Vessel with breathtaking views of Monterey, diverse sea life including humpback whales, gray…

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Whale Behaviors on Monterey Bay

84fe53_40972441c8a340528f65b9aa595f6e47 One of the most fascinating things to experience while whale watching on Monterey Bay is observing whale behaviors in the wild! While behaviors vary among species, you may be lucky enough to catch a whale breaching, lunge feeding, spy hopping, pectoral slapping, trumpeting and more. All…

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Gray Whale Migration on Monterey Bay

824x452_graywhalemig December is the beginning of the gray whale migration season here in Monterey Bay, and we are hoping for another spectacular year! Winter whale watching season is another great time of year to come out on the Bay to witness one of the longest migrations of…

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Killer Whales on Monterey Bay

824x452_KW killer_whale_keiko2Killer whales, otherwise known as Orcas, are not whales at all! They are in fact, the largest of the dolphin family and while they are very social and live in pods like dolphins, that’s where a lot of…

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Spyhopping Whales on Monterey Bay

No matter what, it is always exciting to spot whales on Monterey Bay, but it is even more thrilling when they exhibit behaviors such as spyhopping. Spyhopping is similar to humans treading water where whales, dolphins, and even sharks control and position themselves vertically with their pectoral…

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Whale Behavior: Tail Slapping on Monterey Bay

15692992521_df6062a559_b-e1441945145650 Tail slapping is an exciting whale behavior that is spotted quite often on Sea Goddess Whale Watching Monterey Bay trips. But why exactly do they do it? A tail slap also known as “lobtailing”  is the act of a whale or dolphin lifting its tail flukes…

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About Us

Sea Goddess is the #1 Whale Watching Company on Monterey Bay! We have a captain and crew with years of experience and the most comfortable vessel.

Our cruises depart from Moss Landing, which means less travel time and more whale watching for our guests.