Choose a Whale or Shark Watching Tour in Moss Landing, CA


Guaranteed Whale Sightings Year-Round

Our whale watching tours depart from Moss Landing, which means less travel time than Monterey or Santa Cruz departures, and more whale watching time! 

The Monterey Bay is California’s best location for viewing humpback whales, killer whales a.k.a. orcas, gray whales, blue whales, great white sharks and the abundance of marine species including dolphins, jellyfish and mola mola, which call the Pacific Ocean home.

Every year, thousands of people flock to the area for a chance to view these magnificent creatures, and everyone agrees: Whale watching in the Monterey Bay is a must-do for locals and tourists alike.

Sea Goddess Whale Watching promises you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our whale watching tours depart from Moss Landing, at the mouth of the Monterey Bay Canyon, one of the largest underwater canyons in the world! The canyon is a nutrient-rich zone that attracts all types of marine life, making Moss Landing the best place for whale watching tours in the entire state of California, and Monterey Bay including San Francisco.

In fact, the Monterey Bay is home to resident whales & dolphins and visited by so many migratory whales that we’re able to offer guaranteed whale sightings year-round.


Experience, Skill & Secret Spot Knowledge

Our Captains have some of the longest whale watch experience on the bay and are skilled at knowing all the secret spots for spotting migrating whales that come down from San Francisco on their way to Mexico. They will lead you to witnessing humpback whales, pods of orcas, and the blue whale, the largest and possibly most magnificent animal on the planet when they are in the area. Learn about whale behaviors such as the epic breaching, lunge feeding, pectoral slapping and tail slapping that is often on display from the acrobatic humpback whales from our marine biologist naturalists that have a passion for educating you.

California whale watching in Monterey is so spectacular that National Geographic often films in the area! Every tour is unpredictable and exciting depending on the time of year you visit the sanctuary. The species you may see include:

Baleen (1)
Baleen Whales
  • Humpback Whale
  • Gray Whale
  • Blue Whale
  • Minke Whale
Toothed Whales & Types of Dolphins
  • Killer Whale aka Orca
  • Risso’s Dolphin
  • Pacific White-sided Dolphin
  • Common Dolphin
  • Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Dall’s Porpoise
  • Harbor Porpoise
Attack great white shark
  • Great White Shark
  • Mako Shark
  • Thresher Shark
  • Leopard Shark
  • Basking Shark
  • Oceanic White Tip Shark
  • Blue Shark
Monterey Bay Sea Life

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Great Staff And Crew

We caught sight of a Hump Back Whale. Then we kept looking and searching the area for numerous more sightings and they were enormous and poetry in motion! Just before our return to the port we spotted a Blue Whale, which is a rare sighting for this area.

– Thomas J.
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My family and I had a great time! We were lucky enough to see several whales, and sea lions playing in the waves. The crew was awesome, especially Jake who was full of information. Thanks Sea Goddess, we cant wait to come back!!!

– Stephanie J.
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Whale Watching Trip

Right from the start i was very pleased with the organization and communication. The boat staff were great, our guide very knowledgeable about the are and the wildlife. We saw plenty of whales including a group of killer whales as we were returning to shore.

– Rob H.
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Do It!!

For real this was such an excellent experience. They are such a cute company with every detail paid attention to. The experience was amazing. We saw 6 whales while out, the day was calm and beautiful, and the Sea Lions were having a party in the water.

– Sarah S.