Plan Your Day

Plan Your Day on Monterey Bay

Plan your day on Monterey Bay as your adventure begins in the quaint fishing village of Moss Landing, with the harbor located directly at the mouth of the Monterey Bay Submarine Canyon. This means less travel time and more whale watching time! The Sea Goddess is a pristine vessel Coast Guard certified for up to 93 passengers and manned by crew with more than 40 years experience.

Our goal at Sea Goddess Whale Watch is to leave you in awe of the magnificient whales and other sea life the Monterey Bay is world renowned for.

As we head out of the marina, you will enjoy some of our inner coastal marine mammals such as the sea otter, harbor seals, and a variety of sea birds. Directly out of the harbor is where all the whale activity begins! Keep your eyes open for the largest animal on the planet – the Blue Whale, our acrobatic Humpback Whale, and our lovable gray whale. Learn how to spot a whale and familiarize yourself with more Monterey Bay marine mammals so you know what to look for.

Safety and comfort are our top priority for all our guests. So scream, point and delight with others on this adventure of a lifetime!

A Few Common Questions

What kind of boat is best?

Larger vessels tend to be more stable and are a more comfortable ride for those who may be prone to sea sickness. The Sea Goddess is the largest, most comfortable whale watching boat in Moss Landing with a reputation for being clean, friendly, and knowledgeable. Not only that, but our Captain is experienced with Monterey Bay and delivers exceptional whale-watching experiences for both tourists and locals who come back time and time again.

Sea Goddess Vessel

  • Coast Guard Certified for up to 93 Passengers
  • 360-degree walk-around deck for views from any angle
  • Outside bench for comfort and taking a quick break
  • Never used as a fishing boat – clean and not stinky
  • Comfortable inside cabin with sofas
  • Two clean bathrooms on board
  • Experienced Captain
  • Fully Narrated with our on-board Marine Biologists

Smaller boats tend to have more movement, may not have a lot of room to walk around or outside seating, and may have a better chance of getting wet from sea spray.

Is it better to go in the morning or afternoon?

The great thing about Monterey Bay is ANY time is a great time to go whale watching. Here are some tips to help you make your decision:

Mornings – Typically lighter winds making it a better choice for those prone to sea sickness, cooler air temperatures, better light for photography!

Afternoon– Typically less fog, wind may pick up with a slightly bigger swell, more intense sun.

What should I bring?

Keep your gear to a minimum, but we recommend you bring a camera, sunscreen, a visor/cap and sunglasses. Wear light casual clothing, soft-soled shoes (like sneakers or sandals) and maybe a light windbreaker. You might want to bring a spare battery and memory card or film for your camera. Check out a more detailed list at What to bring whale watching on Monterey Bay.

Do you offer private charters?

Yes, we do! Our private charters are popular for weddings, corporate events, special occasions, birthdays, holidays, reunions and more! Visit our Private Charters page for more information.

Join us for a whale watching adventure of a lifetime!

About Us

Sea Goddess is the #1 Whale Watching Company on Monterey Bay! We have a captain and crew with years of experience and the most comfortable vessel.

Our cruises depart from Moss Landing, which means less travel time and more whale watching for our guests.