CONGRATULATIONS on your GROUPON purchase for your upcoming Whale Watching trip! We look forward to seeing you soon out on Monterey Bay! Follow the instructions below to redeem your code and book your reservation…

1. Once your Groupon is purchased, you will be sent a voucher. On the voucher, you will see the “Redemption Code” (This is different from the “Groupon Code” that is also on the voucher).

2. To book your reservation(s), click on the booking link below and select an available date and time from the live calendar.


3. Once you’ve selected your date and tour time, you will proceed to checkout.  There you will see three Groupon Ticket options (Groupon for One, Groupon for Two, Groupon for Four), along with options to purchase tickets for additional people in your group.

4. To redeem a Groupon, simply select the correct ticket type that matches your voucher.  Where it asks you to enter your Groupon code, enter your Redemption Code X number of times for each person on your reservation. (1 time for Groupon for One, 2 times Groupon for Two, 4 times Groupon for Four). You will see the discount applied.

5. Repeat this for each voucher that you wish to redeem.  (For Example, if you want to redeem 2 “Groupon for Two” ticket types, then you will select number “2” from the scroll down selector and enter in an additional Redemption Code for each Groupon voucher).

6. Once all the disclaimer boxes are checked, your booking will be complete!