Sea Goddess Vessel

We Invite You to Come Aboard Today!

Find out why the Sea Goddess is considered the nicest boat for whale watching on Monterey Bay with this interactive graphic! Our big, comfortable, clean, and spacious vessel is waiting for you to come aboard! Scroll over the image below to learn more about our vessel.

The Sea Goddess vessel is perfect for…

  • People prone to sea sickness. With a larger more stable boat than the smaller ones, Sea Goddess can handle sea conditions with more ease.
  • Photographers. Photographers have consistently said they prefer Sea Goddess over any other boat because they can easily walk around our 360-degree deck for wherever the whales appear!
  • Bathrooms. We run a spotless boat including our clean bathrooms. Both located near the stern (back) of the boat.
  • Marine Biologists. Guests frequently comment on how knowledgeable our naturalists are and how courteous they are when it comes time to sit back in awe during the acrobatic displays of the magnificent sea life.
  • MORE WHALE WATCHING TIME. Due to our location at Moss Landing near the mouth of the Monterey Submarine Canyon typically means less travel time to where the whales are feeding on the abundance of rich nutrients!