Killer whale jump
Killer Whale Sighting
October 15, 2017
whale behavior- tail slapping
Whale Behavior: Tail Slapping on Monterey Bay
October 26, 2018

Learn About All Things Sea Life In The Monterey Bay

close up dolphin

Welcome to our new series Monterey Bay SeaLife FAQ Session 1 presented by Marine Biologist Evan Firl. Each tour, we have so many questions from our guests that we wanted to take this opportunity to educate you on some of the questions on a more in-depth level.

In this video, Marine Biologist and Sea Goddess Naturalist Evan Firl, answers Frequently Asked Questions by guests. Learn about the following:

  • What is the difference between whales & dolphins?
  • How many species of whales are there?
  • How do whales communicate with others?
  • What are the different fins on a whale used for?
  • How do dolphins see underwater?
  • How do whales hear?
  • Do whales have a sense of smell?
  • Do whales sneeze?
  • I’ve heard the word “trumpeting”, what is it?
  • Do whales have hair?
  • What is baleen?