Seasonal Ocean Travelers In The Monterey Bay

Humpbacks In The Monterey Bay

*Photo by John C Bruckman A burst of sea spray erupts into the sky as a humpback whale surfaces to draw breath into its enormous lungs. Sooty shearwaters gracefully skim the ocean swells, their wings beating mere inches above the water. An elusive leatherback sea turtle pokes its snout out of the water, gulping air…

Summer In Monterey Bay: Humpbacks, Blue Whales And More

Whale watching tours in Monterey Bay

Summer in the Monterey Bay means we get back some of the annual visitors that come here to feed! Why are the whales here in the summer? From early spring to late summer we experience a major upwelling event. Wind drives the deeper, colder, water toward the surface and this nutrient rich water supports high concentrations…