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Killer Whale Sighting: October 15th

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Seasonal Ocean Travelers In The Monterey Bay

*Photo by John C Bruckman A burst of sea spray erupts into the sky as a humpback whale surfaces to draw breath into its enormous lungs. Sooty shearwaters gracefully skim the ocean swells, their wings beating mere inches above the water. An elusive leatherback sea turtle pokes its snout out of the water,…

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Summer In Monterey Bay: Humpbacks, Blue Whales And More

Summer in the Monterey Bay means we get back some of the annual visitors that come here to feed! Why are the whales here in the summer? From early spring to late summer we experience a major upwelling event. Wind drives the deeper, colder, water toward the surface and this nutrient rich water supports high concentrations…

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Whale Interaction in Monterey Bay

Like many of our guests, we get very excited when Orcas come to visit the Monterey Bay. And for the past week, Killer Whales (Orcas) have been in the Bay hunting Gray whales. We’ve had several sightings – and even got to see a rare, Planet Earth-esque moment where a pod of Orcas were actively…

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Learn About All Things Sea Life In The Monterey Bay

Welcome to our new series Monterey Bay SeaLife FAQ Session 1 presented by Marine Biologist Evan Firl. Each tour, we have so many questions from our guests that we wanted to take this opportunity to educate you on some of the questions on a more in-depth level. In this video, Marine Biologist and Sea Goddess Naturalist…

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Spotting Mola Mola In The Monterey Bay

The Mola Mola, otherwise known as the ocean sunfish, is one of the coolest fishes in the ocean. Its common name “sunfish” refers to its habit of sunbathing at the water surface. It is the heaviest bony fish in the world, and can get quite large in size at 15 ft. with an average adult…

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Humpback Whale Season in Monterey Bay

Humpback Whale Season Is upon Us…Are You Ready? Excitement builds as we enter humpback whale season! Monterey Bay is on the path of the humpback whale migration path with a season running typically from April through October, and even into December if the water stays warm. Humpbacks are total showoffs, and we love it! They…

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Baleen vs. Toothed Whales in Monterey Bay

Here we take a look at Baleen vs. Toothed Whales. Did you know that whales are classified as either Baleen or Toothed? In this video, Sea Goddess Marine Biologist Lora shares the difference between baleen and toothed whales. Learn about which whales are baleen, which are toothed, how they eat, being able to spot the difference…

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Gray Whale Northbound Migration Through Monterey Bay

Gray whale northbound migration through Monterey Bay happens twice per year. Once starting in December on their southbound journey to their breeding grounds heading back to Monterey in March with their calves. In this short video, Marine Biologist Evan Firl talks about their northbound migration back to Monterey Bay with their calves and why you…

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The Monterey Bay Story

By: Evan Firl, Marine Biologist This is the Monterey Bay story. It’s an area teeming with life from seabirds and whales all the way down to the kelp, algae, and plankton. However, present day areas of natural beauty like Monterey Bay and others around the globe are given titles of cleanliness like “pristine”, “flawless”, and…

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